Specific Needs

Currently, our monthly support meets our budgeted needs. (YAY!! and thank you to those of you who are supporting us!)

We are still purchasing the things we need for living here.  Thankfully, we are in a partially furnished apartment so we have not had to purchase everything all at once, and have had the funds for what we need!

We want to help Rwandan YWAM staff develop their own support system.  One of the ways we want to do this is by initially paying their staff fees (basic costs of being a missionary), and slowly helping them communicate and find their own supporters.  (Part of this will also be teaching people to believe that not only mzungus can be missionaries – God calls and equips Africans just as often as he calls mzungus.)

One of the staff that we are specifically working with is Odeth, you can read about her on the page with her name on it!

We also are hoping to connect people with resources with some specific people and needs that we encounter here.  You can read about one opportunity to give towards starting a business here.

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