Need MET! (Florence’s small business)

Maybe you have read about our laundry dilemma? We solved it when we decided to hire Florence.  (Cultural note: once you have children, you are often identified by your oldest child’s name, so Florence is also known as Mama Isimbe.) Mama Isimbe Odeth recommended her when we explained that we wanted to help someone earn income who might not be able to keep a regular job.  (We have been so crazy busy these last few months, so I am SO thankful for her.) A media team who came for a short-term outreach documented her story.  You can watch the video here.  (Warning: may not be child-appropriate.) Someone has donated the equivalent of $65 to help Mama Isimbe start her own business selling charcoal.  Because of where she lives, this would be a valuable commodity and she could sell it without have to pay fees for a stall in a market. In order to buy enough product to start the business, APRECOM is looking for a further donation of about $50.  This would buy enough charcoal for her to start.  In addition, she needs to have a place to keep it where it will not be stolen:  she can rent a small house for about $35/month, and she needs to pay the first 3 months in advance. So in total, about $150 can help her start a business to support herself and her family.  After that the business should be self-sustaining. If you are interested in contributing to this, you can let us now here, contact us at, or check out our how to donate page.  You can indicate with any donation (in addition to our names), that you want to designate the money for Florence/microbusiness.

UPDATE: Through your generous donations, Florence will be provided with all she needs to begin her business!!  Thank you for partnering with us to see lives changed!

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