our little suite (with pictures!)

 Well, we have been here about a week.  It has been a great time, renewing old friendships, and beginning new ones.  Our main focus so far has been on getting settled.  We are living in a little one-bedroom suite on the YWAM base – it hasn’t been lived in for quite awhile, so it needed a lot of cleaning.  We have also been working on unpacking our stuff and getting it put away (you’ll see remnants of that in the pictures.)  We also spent some time in the markets getting some things we need want.  The staff have been really helpful, and also fun – we have laughed a lot this week!
Here are some pictures of our suite, starting with a rough idea of the layout, for those of you that are helped by things like that.

(not to scale)

This is the view from the door.

View into the living room.

living room… if your picture isn’t on our wall, you could send us one!

from living room towards kitchen

little kitchenette from stairs up to loft

bedroom – looking for a bigger bed, but this one works for now. the mosquito net goes around it like a canopy.

if you turn the knob and let the toilet tank fill, it even FLUSHES!!

SHOWER HEAD WITH RUNNING WATER!!!!! We are living in luxury, my friends.

Starting on Monday, we will be working on preparing for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) that begins in January.  More about that as we begin.

24 thoughts on “our little suite (with pictures!)

  1. Your place is beautiful, A&M! Who is your little friend in the photo? She is the most beautiful little girl- look at that face. I’m glad to see you getting settled and looking well. xxx Kari

    • HI Kari! Thanks! The little girl is Jikotore – she is a freind of a friend from last time we were here – it was a long story (and a warning to us about being wise in our interventions/follow through). She was very sweet!

    • Hi Mike and Amanda. This is Ki from Blackfalds in Canada. Do you remember me?? kk I miss u when I go to ‘After the glind’ I couldnt meet u and see u, it is sad. however I expect u who have great plan for Rwanda. I saw ur pictures, soooo good lol God bless u and ur work.

  2. It looks very cosy, running water & flushing toilet is always a bonus! I am glad you are both settling in nicely. Yes, that is a small bed for 2 tall people but also very cosy! Of course, our weather is getting cooler but no snow yet. Today is cool but sunny, Gunther is here, he will help me take off the nets from the vineyard today. I will post some pics maybe tomorrow on facebook from our harvest this year. Two tons of grapes, not bad for first year! Take care! Thanks for the update!

    • HI Audrey! That is amazing about your grapes – finally able to grow them, and having great quality, too. It would be great to see some pictures. Do you even get snow there!? Enjoy your break until pruning!

  3. That is one sweet ‘suite’!! We are praising the Lord for you new place.
    ahh the famous bed-net, perfectly good til you need to get out in a hurry in the dark right?!
    Love you two… awesome suite! Prayers and blessings too… Dave and Joan

    • Thanks! This is actually a custom-built bed net – its way more reasonable to get in and out of than the other ones we’ve used! Unfortunately last night, one or several got stuck in with us… bzzz…bzzzz…. bzzzz..

  4. So awesome to see you both settling in 🙂 Which building is your suite in? Greet everyone there for me! Blessings to you both.

    • Hi Trish! I actually met someone from Switzerland today who was there whne you did your school there! We are in the block with the hospitality suites – across from the training block. we have a great view of the offices and parking area! It sounds like you are having quite the adventures, too!

  5. Yeah- your place looks awesome!!! I am SO excited for you guys and hope that you are settling in comfortably. Blackfalds is feeling pretty empty without you! 😦 I hope preparations for the DTS are going well and I’m excited for more stories and pictures!!

  6. Very exciting! I found your email and will follow your blog to watch your journey and pray for you both! I also like to blog so I will eagerly check for updates! Blessings to you both!


  7. Hi mike and amanda how is things going in rawanda? you got some awesome pictures of your new place, good luck down there guys wish you both all the best. keep in touch.

      • hi mike and amanda its great to hear back from you. we have got about 6 inches of snow so far, oh and yes my hernia has been painful and surgury hopefully in december. you guys are doing amazing work there and making a huge different in the lives of people its great, well take care and god bless.

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