Celebrating Christmas and the New Year!

OK: first of all, sorry for our absence. By the time we had holidays to write about, we were suddenly crazy busy. More on that in the next few weeks.

ArnoldWinnieCinn245795567Christmas seems so far behind us, but it is still a story to tell. On Christmas Eve we went to the house of a friend and baked cinnamon buns. It was a great treat and fun to spend time with friends!


We returned to the base for the evening. There is an outreach team from Hawaii here, so we fired up the projector and watched a movie together. As we returned to our room in the dark, I walked barefoot into our bedroom to turn on our mosquito repeller. It took dead bird143347947me a moment to realize I was walking on broken glass. Then I saw a dark shape on the floor in the middle of the glass: Maybe someone threw something through our window? Nope. Dead pigeon. Ugh. (The curtains had even been closed!) So, as Christmas Eve progressed towards midnight, Mike was A-MAZING and cleaned most of the glass from our floor, our bed, our carpets, etc. Without a vacuum. And he dealt with the dead bird. I felt really awful, like someone had specifically invaded and wrecked our comfortable space. On Christmas Eve! IMG_8381IMG_8390

We got up Christmas morning feeling a little less invaded and made french toast! Our loose plan had been to go to a pool for the day, but it wasn’t a very nice day (only about 18 celcius 🙂 ), so we decided to try to wait for another day. We celebrated all together with MEAT for supper. Sadly, Mike was ill that night, so we didn’t go swimming the next day, and we delayed til the next day our private special meal to make us feel less homesick: perogies! YUM! They were wonderful.IMG_8399

By now you are surely getting the feeling that our celebrations were mostly about food. You are right.

New Years Eve we went back to our friends’ house (now it becomes important to know that he is Dutch). We made olliebollen, which I often make with my mom at New Years. YAY! We also reprised the bread dough and made a kind of braided pizza bread.

We are making some great friends, Godfrey & Hope. They live about 5 minutes away from the base. Godfrey runs the finance/administration office for YWAM. Hope runs a ministry with prostitutes. We are taking kinyarwanda lessons with Hope. They invited us to go out with them in the evening for a meal and bowling. We hopped on motos (its a good way to travel quickly without breaking the bank), and felt like a moto-gang as we went to the Chinese restaurant. We walked around back to the beautiful garden restaurant, and saw that the place was almost empty. “Do you have reservations?” they asked. We almost laughed, seeing all the empty tables. “We’re full,” they told us. hmmm… OK. So, we tried to regroup. None of us go out very much, so it was hard to come up with another place to go. We wondered, considered, and Hope volunteered that she knew of a Mexican place – we thought we could try it. So, we recruited 4 more motos, and our little moto gang travelled to the Mexican place. CLOSED.

We couldn’t believe it – strike 2. We dithered for a bit, didn’t want to go backwards, and finally decided to just go to the place we were planning to bowl at: apparently there was a small cafe there. Motos again. When we pulled up to the place, some guys were handing out flyers: for a New Year’s party, that apparently went until 4 am. Well, we weren’t really looking for a party, but no one else was there, so we decided that if we were at a place we could get food, we would stay. So then a mzungu came along and explained to us: “They are all busy getting ready for the party later.” Apparently, the party starts at 4 am. Its the after-party that everyone comes to when all the other parties close. Last year there were 1500 people!!!! We couldn’t believe that. “So… can we get some food anyway?” Sure (he told us, disappointed that we weren’t really excited abouyt partying until noon the next day). So by 10 pm, we finally got to eat. It wasn’t the amazing Chinese we had originally been planning on, but burgers were still a nice treat.

Then bowling! Theres not much in the way of recreation available, so this is very exciting. Godfrey, who had never bowled before, left us all in the dust.

And we took motos one more time on the way home!

All in all, our celebrations were pretty low key, a little disappointing, but we did get to hang out with some good friends and have a some rest before the big plunge. We had great communication from people at home and even got one of our Christmas packages!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas and the New Year!

  1. Hi guys, it is great reading about all your adventures. It sounds like you are adjusting to the culture well. We all tend to put eating at the center of celebrating….those perogies and the french toast looks pretty delicious!!!! Praying for you
    Tony & Debbie

  2. So excited to read about your adventures. If you have any prayer requests please forward them to me at my email address starenes@hotmail.com The food looks yummy! We had a wonderful Christmas with our family – 15 of us. All of our kids and grandkids and a couple other people shared the Christmas meal with us. Our son is dating a Vietnamese girl ( well she lives in Canada) and she came as well as her parents. It was neat to see the 2 cultures meet. Great time had by all. Praying for you both and I like to put notes in the bulletin about our workers and those who go out from the church. If you have anything for the bulletin let me know. God bless.

  3. Great update on your holiday times :). I so love that you guys are friends with Winnie and her family!!! They were one of my favourite things about Rwanda. Please say hello to them for me. I am so proud of you and Mike and everything you are doing there.

    • Thanks Trish! We really enjoy them too. They have finished their time on staff and are soon leaving to go back to Europe. We miss them already!
      Thanks for your encouragement, too! Curious to hear about your next plan.

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