@#%$*!!! – a small update

When we were planning to come here, we anticipated that many things would be difficult, but one of the things that should have been easy was getting visas.  However.  After 10 weeks of processing (should take 3 days), during which our base leaders had a meeting with one of the higher-ups at immigration (during which they were told that the visas would be put through, and misunderstandings were cleared up), and we recieved a personal visit from some of the people there (during which we were told we would have the work permit on the next business day), we finally got a call on Wednesday saying that our visas were ready.  We rejoiced, we celebrated!  Finally!

This has been a long month of not only trying to deal with our own visas, but trying to get our student visas, too.  One of our Rwandan students is having trouble getting a passport: her parents are dead/not in contact with her, so they cannot verify her identity by theirs.  And there is a discrepancy on her ID about her birthdate…  so they won’t give her a passport.  (One of many messes that continue to cause practical issues in a country torn apart by war.)  So this seemed like the first of several victories after a long struggle.

So it felt like I had been kicked in the head when I went to pick up our visas on Thursday and they looked like this:visa pictures-610477848

For those of you squinting to read the numbers in the box, the visas are valid until Feb. 15, 2013.  Meaning Friday.

So, after crying a lot, discussing, prayer, and encouragement from others, we decided not to just pack up and go home.  We are going to try again, we’re not sure how yet, but there are a couple of options that might work.  We’ll keep you updated when we know something.

14 thoughts on “@#%$*!!! – a small update

  1. Greeting from the cold Norway!
    Sad to hear about the visa trouble.
    We are with you guys on this one!
    Never underestimate the power of stubbornness…!

    We are looking forward to be seeing you and start working with you in the summer.
    All the best
    Christian and Anne

  2. So sorry to hear of all of the mix up, we will be praying and we will see you on Monday. God has a plan, and He will be glorified in it all. Keep your chins up and we will stand together

  3. Praying for you both and that God will perform a miracle. Don’t be discouraged but look at it as something that God has known about all along (Even though you were taken by surprise He wasn’t). His will be done and He has something in store – I believe He has great things in store for you both – no matter the outcome. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • Thanks Starene! We have been greatly encouraged by our friends this week. We are hoping that someday soon we will be able to look back on this with different eyes than we see it with now!

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