Generosity (take my goat)

One of the foundational values of YWAM is “Practice Dependance on God for Finances.”  To a large degree it can still be summed up as “generosity.”  (Once, a team of us had an assignment to create a song explaining the foundational values, and one of the memorable lines, including 2 values, was “hospitality, here’s my coat, generousity, take my goat” – but I digress.)

Sometimes, I think it would be much simpler to work with an organization that raised support for us and paid us a regular wage.  However, I think the generosity that is fostered in this environment as people sandalschose to give to each other is so beautiful.  One member of a team passing through left a book for one of our students that has deeply impacted her.  A DTS in Switzerland was praying for our school and decided to send us a package – and one particular student wanted to send money to one of our students. (These people have never even met!)  Someone anonymously left me a pair of beaded sandals.  (I had been looking for a pair that was not-so-gaudy, and big enough: these are perfect.)

Some of our students have been unable to pay all of their school fees or don’t have the money to pay for the visas we need for outreach.  This morning we had a time of sharing needs and of prayerfully giving.  There was about $2000 in total needed.  (Its not a lot, but in a room full of people who have very little, its a huge amount.)  In less than an hour, that amount was cut in half!  It amazes me, humbles me, and continually reassures me that this is a community that I want to be a part of.

Post Script: I finished writing this, reviewing it with Mike, and was walking out the door for supper, when someone stopped me because they had a gift: a new dress.  Crazy and amazing.

7 thoughts on “Generosity (take my goat)

  1. i know this doesn’t directly connect but recently we were trying to get a friend’s brother out of jail. the sentence did not fit the crime but we ran up against a brick wall and were totally unable to get him out. a few weeks later the brother comes walking into the home of his parents and announces “they just let me go.” amazing supply in the face of our inability. Ang Diyos ay mabuti, talaga, at tapat, din.

  2. That would our God, kinda crazy, always amazing, abounding in love to give us the desires of our heart. Some that you don’t even know were your desires!! You two are such an inspiration to Joan and I, our prayers and thoughts always close to our hearts.
    Someone said “plan like you are going to live to be 100, but “LIVE” like there is no tomorrow”,
    sound familiar??

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Mike and I have been talking this week about the tension between planning/preparing, and holding everything loosely and still being flexible. I’ve never heard it said like that before, but I like it!

  3. I love this! I have never experienced generosity like I have being part of YWAM. A great reminder for us too, as we are approaching the whole support raising thing again, of how truly faithful and amazing God is! I love the postscript 🙂

    • YAY! Good. We are so excited to have you, and praying that entering into this way of living will be a blessing and a joy to you, and your kids. (PS, our toddler nephew thinks we are riding a camel with 3 humps. It reminded me of your kids’ expectations.)

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