We have been staffing this Discipleship Training School for the last 3 months.   The second part of the DTS is a 2 month, cross-cultural outreach.  As we have discussed leading the team, we have made a difficult decision – as the only female staff (and the 2 of us as the only staff from a Western culture), we have agreed that it is important for me to help lead the team.  However, Mike has no desire to go.

our DTS team

our DTS team

As we have prayed and planned, we have decided to take the team to 2 locations in Uganda (Soroti & Arua) and to help a friend who has begun a work in South Sudan.  We are really excited about the possibilities presented in all of these locations.  I am even more excited about seeing this team in action.

So, Mike and I have decided that I will go with the team for the entire time, and he will visit us for a week or 2 in the middle, both to encourage the team and to hang out with his wife.  This will be by far the longest we have spent apart, but we are hoping that it will be good for the team, for us individually as well as for our relationship.

(We have held off on this a bit, waiting until we have visas in hand… it is looking hopeful but it might be very last minute before we have them in hand.  Also we will be continuing to give updates/descriptions of the DTS while we are on outreach, but it may not be exactly in chronological order.)

2 thoughts on ““outreach”

  1. Go as the Lord leads you both, “As the Lord leads”
    Amanda, the Lord the has prepared you for a time like this, you have led teams before and I believe will lead more in the future… not in your strength but by His Holy Spirit POWER!!
    Mike, you are to be the encourager right now, in prayer, during your visit, and then back to prayer. You too have an anointed time and place. His Plan and His Timing.
    Prayers, love, hugs and blessings… Dave and Joan

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