hometown hero: A Christmas story

Being in Africa is hard for Mike and I because we love Canada so much.  Its part of our hope that even though we are here in Africa, we would be able to continue to interact with people in Canada.  We hope that as people learn more, that they will want to get involved in some way: with what we are doing, with their own projects and passions, and/or even that they will be inspired to live differently right where they are.

Before we came to Rwanda in the fall, we were visiting my home, Crowsnest Pass.  We had several visits with Maeve and her mom.



Maeve had been looking at a World Vision catalogue, and was heartbroken.  She was deeply impacted by the way poverty is causing people to suffer around the world.  She felt like she needed to DO something.

Her mom responded in such a beautiful way: she didn’t push her aside and falsely reassure her, but encouraged her that maybe they could find a way to get involved.  This was when we were visiting Crowsnest, and we agreed to keep in touch.

As Christmas approached, Maeve decided she wanted to give up her Christmas money to help other kids, so she asked us if we knew of a school with some needs.  Sure enough, one of the classrooms needed a new mat (the floor is concrete), and the school is always in need of more paper.

So: Maeve sent us her Christmas money, and it was enough for a new mat for the classroom, and 2 boxes (=8 reams) of paper.  It was a blessing for the school and a great encouragement for us.  It is awesome and humbling to be able to be a bridge for a potential activist-in-the-making.

the mat, the class, holding some reams of paper.  (they were smiling bigger a second before, but my camera was a little slow)

the mat, the class, holding some reams of paper. (they were smiling bigger a second before, but my camera was a little slow)

2 thoughts on “hometown hero: A Christmas story

  1. Good morning from Canada…
    Please believe me ~ believe me ~ believe me ~ you are SO MUCH MORE than just missionaries to Rwanda, but missionaries for God to your beloved Canada as well. The Lord was using you to touch hearts for that African nation before you left Canada, while you are there, and most assuredly, when you return as well. But we also see you building a bridge of hope for those you are ministering to right now in Rwanda with a connection back to Canada and vice~versa.
    One heart of a “hometown hero” can lead to soo many more…. WOW! Joan and I love how God continues to use you… blessings and prayers…. Dave and Joan

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