Like mother, like daughter.

In our line of work, we meet so many individuals that we don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.  Its encouraging to know that they are out there, doing really interesting and amazing things, but we would love to be able to spend more time with many people.

When we left Blackfalds in 2012, there was a great group of students, but we only spent a little time with them.  But, while in Canada this winter, we got to visit with one of them in Blackfalds.  During the short visit, we found out she (Selina) was going to Kenya with a team for 2 weeks.  I told her, “Kenya is so close, you should come see Rwanda”

So she did!

Selina arrived just a couple days after Mike left, and stayed for 2 weeks.  I arranged a few opportunities for her to work with different ministries, but mostly she came with me for the things I was doing.  We visited friends here in Kigali, we went to the market, we helped plan a Valentine’s party, we visited the genocide memorial (more on that later), she came with me for encouragement as I tried to drive a standard with opposite hands, we did umuganda, went to Nyagatare, and visited a friend in her village who is getting married soon.

Betty is getting married soon.  This s her in front of her house.

Betty is getting married soon. This is her in front of her house.

(sidebar: I’ve just learned that there are at least 3 words in kinyarwanda that mean visit – one is to see incidentally, one is to visit for a reason, and one is to visit for the sake of friendship.  It speaks of the importance of visiting.)

Betty's village is off the main road...

Betty’s village is off the main road…

Selina is a fantastic young woman who has a heart and ability for missions.  It was good timing for her to come, because I had time to spend working with her; to encourage and be encouraged by her.

Only one thing made it a little difficult:  everyone thought that she was MY DAUGHTER!  Have you ever laughed at the idea that all white people look alike?  Well, other cultures use different cues to recognize people… so to many Rwandans, all white people look alike.  I’ve encountered it quite a lot in the last weeks -but still, my daughter!?!

See the family resemblance?

See the family resemblance?

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