a non-post

I have sat down several times and started to write a post about this week, the beginning of the 20-year commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda.

But in the face of all of the bravery, trauma, loss, grieving, forgiveness, hope, creativity, and poverty, everything I start to write seems so trite.

I am silenced.

8 thoughts on “a non-post

  1. Often verses of Scripture come to my mind in the language of the KJV which was how I first memorized. The word “astonied” came to mind. “He sat down astonied”. I join with you in the astonished silence.

  2. Yes, I would agree with you. So unimaginable to a lot of us… it saddens my heart greatly to know of all of the atrocities that have gone on, and continue to happen.

  3. Joan and I place you all, and the nation in the arms of Jesus for His comfort, wisdom, love and compassion. No words… you are so right. Prayers for you both to have His love shine through you even more in these days… Come Holy Spirit! Amen

  4. We send our love, thoughts, and prayers to you Amanda and Mike.

    As we see some of the news and reminders and programs retelling the story

    I cannot imagine the people’s lives that have been so…. Impacted??

    I remember a picture you sent and story of Mike just walking with the ladies

    Holding their hands… I know you both do that every day, sometimes not

    Even touching the hands, just by being there. You are where He has called you

    To be at times such as these… blessings, prayers and love… Dave

    • Thanks Dave! Both of us have been able to contribute something this week; I’ve been glad for that, but its been hard to put into words. Thanks for the encouragement and especially the prayers!

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