A Plea

As most of you know, we have been working on building a home for ourselves over the last few months.  We felt that, after continually living in temporary housing for all of our married life (over 5 years) and really, most of our adult life, it was time for us to have a home to settle into.  And none too soon, either, for shortly after we started this venture, we discovered our family is about to grow by one, and having our own home became a little more urgent for us.  (The room we are currently renting wouldn’t really be feasible with a baby.)

We have also had some financial setbacks and extra costs  in the last few months, some of them anticipated (like the “budget” being more of an “estimate,” and having to renew our visas), and some of them not anticipated (such as the falling Canadian dollar).

We have just under two months before we head back to Canada for the birth of our first child.  Before we leave, we would really like our house to be finished so that we can move in.  (Then at least when we return to Rwanda with baby, we’ll have somewhere to go, and something might be easy.)

In terms of time, we think this is a realistic goal.  In terms of finances, we’re not sure.  We are borrowing some money in order to finance this house.  While a fairly modest sum, it is a huge amount for us considering our income.  We were hoping not to be stretched to the absolute limit by the time we are done, partly so that we can buy some furniture and a fridge, but also because we know there are other expenses coming up. (Besides our return airfare to Rwanda, it seems to me that kids cost money?)

SO, all of this to say, if you have ever considered investing in us and in the ministry that we do here in Rwanda, this is a very critical time.  This is a time where any money given will go towards supporting us over the long term in a very tangible way.  We would greatly appreciate any donations towards our home, large or small.  If you are considering this, please look at our How to Donate page, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for your consideration.

house feb 23


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