House Update

I’ve been meaning to do this update for months, and somehow or other, with being pregnant, visiting people, and generally enjoying being in Canada, it has been put off again and again.  Now I want to do a general baby and plans update, but really, first things first.

Our house has been “finished.”  I use the quotation marks because there are still a few things that need to be looked after, but it is liveable and we will be able to move in when we return to Rwanda.  In general, we are very pleased with the result and excited to be able to move in to our own home soon.  (Our home that is equipped with running water! Hooray!)

Our fundraising campaign has been fairly successful – in addition to donations made, we were able to borrow enough money to complete the house.  I will be closing the Go Fund Me page for our house shortly, however, we will be paying for our house over the next several years.  We will be working to pay it off as fast as we can.  I want to reassure you, in case you may feel like you missed your chance to help us build this home – any additional donations we recieve over the next few years will be going towards paying for our house.

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