An Ode to our Blender


A couple of years ago, Mike & I decided we wanted a (very expensive) high-powered blender.  It seemed like an outrageous extravagance, but since we rarely just agree on anything, and we both thought it was a good idea, we went ahead and got one.

It was one of the things that often made me laugh: we didn’t have running water or stable electricity, nearly everything we owned was packed into the room we slept in, and we owned one kitchen appliance: a fancy blender.

There is so much delicious fresh food to work with here.  We’ve used it often for diet staples and for treats.  Most days, I make a fruit and veggie smoothie.  We use it regularly to create peanut butter, soups, hummus, butter, iced coffees, and to grind whole wheat flour.  I expect shortly we will be using it to make baby food.

However, the other day, our blender really and truly proved its worth.

Three years ago, we tried to make egg nog with our friend.  Due to several factors (including salty cream), it was a dismal failure.  The idea of consuming raw eggs on purpose makes me nervous, so I decided if we were going to do it, it had to be cooked egg nog.  I planned to make some last year, but the general queasiness of my pregnant stomach prevented me.

This year, I tried 2 times to cook egg nog on the stove, and despite my constant whipping, it ended up chunky.  But I didn’t despair, because I remembered that our blender can cook soups while it blends, so why not eggs and milk?

A brief internet search confirmed that it might be possible, and so, with high hopes, I began my third and final attempt at egg nog.

It certainly cooked, the first part was steaming – so no worrying about uncooked egg!  Then, the rest of the milk, the spices, and chilling it…   It was smooth, it was creamy, it was everything egg nog is supposed to be!

So, for the last week, we have had egg nog every day (some days including blended up with coffee cubes).  Its been a happy Christmas for us!


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