In Memory

Hello dear friends,

Many people have been asking if there is something they could donate to in memory of Beatrix.  We have been giving this careful thought – we wanted to think of something that would be significant to us, and something that could make a difference.

Most of you know we have been working in Rwanda for nearly 5 years.  We have been working with an incredible couple, Amiss & Marieth.

Amiss & Marieth are incredible people who do incredible work in the community we have been in – I really don’t know where begin to list the ways in which they impact people’s lives.  (But if you are interested in specifics, send me your email address and I will send on their most recent newsletter.)

We have shared some of their story with many of you.  Beatrix loved them both dearly, and was so excited to meet baby Nathan, who just reached the one-month old milestone. (Cue wild cheering and celebration music.)AmissMariethNathan

Mike and I are not sure of our plans going forward, but we know that we will not be returning to Rwanda immediately.  Without false modesty, we know that our presence there provides a significant source of emotional support and financial stability for them.  With our withdrawal, whether temporary or more permanent, it would also bring us a measure of peace to know that we have done what we can to help their financial situation.

We can also say without hesitation that through Amiss & Marieth, any donations made will make a great impact on people’s lives.

One-time donations are welcome, but we would specifically like to ask you to consider donating to Amiss & Marieth regularly in Beatrix’s memory – even a small monthly donation will make a difference.


Now you are asking, “How?” right!?

Instructions are all available in this PDF (it will download when you click on the link):

Foundation Donations Policy and Giving INFO

(“Amiss” is actually a nickname).  Their account is under Habimana and Umutesi Jean-Marie from the location Mutara Development Centre, Rwanda. Their code is JH03.

(They are NOT currently set up to receive credit card donations through Chimp.)

(Canadian donors can receive a tax receipt for this.)

Thank you.


Photo Credit: Jon Stevens

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