I do not have an artistic bone in my body.

Not to say that I am not creative in certain ways – but I have no innate ability or trained skill to create things that are stunning to look at or listen to.

But I appreciate the way that music and visual arts can re-present truths to us in new ways, the way that it can inspire new thoughts, new courage, and the way it can bring out deep emotion.

Yesterday we drove nearly all the way across southern British Columbia.  Talk about beauty….  Although somewhat exhausted by the long drive and the heart-in-mouth turns, my soul was so refreshed by a day full of incredible views.

This morning I woke up really early.  I saw the sky just beginning to get light under the moon and stars.  So I took my coffee and blankets, and sat out on the deck and watched as the sun came up over the mountains.  Just, wow.

I didn’t listen to any music for a week or two after Beatrix died – but since I started it has been a great way to process.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Switchfoot/Jon Foreman lately.  I’ve loved their music – it is infused with a view of reality that resonates with me.  A recurring theme is life – really being intentional and present in your days.  This music has inspired me and reminded me that we are “meant to live for so much more” than ordinary existence.  I’m so thankful for the days that we had with Beatrix.  I am so thankful that I didn’t miss them; that we crammed a lot of life and joy into two short years.

I want to share all of my favourite songs with you, but this one has been new to me in the last weeks.

Yesterday as we came through the last mountain pass, I got stuck on the song “Ulysses” by Josh Garrels,  over and over and over, for an hour at least.  And I just cried, all the way down.  The song is so beautiful, and sad, and… hopeful.

Last but not least, this painting, done by my friend Sarah Hall.  A couple nights before Beatrix died, I was walking back to our room, far too late at night.  I walked past this painting, and it spoke to me – so I picked it up from her table and added my name to the IOU list in her cashbox.  I have often felt like this is my life.  Never more so than at this moment, it is an apt picture of our journey.


5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Hi Mike and Amanda I really really wish i could see you guys and give you both a big hug, We are so very sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart, I believe that she hears you and that she sees you, that you are not alone! It dont seem fair. I believe she is in front of you, not behind you, Run the race set before you and you will see her again! Love you guys.

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