Beautiful, True, & Funny

There have been so many things over the last few weeks that I have wanted to share with one or another of my friends.  Things that are profound, things that have made me laugh; things that have inspired me.  So I thought I would use this venue to share some of these things with you all – and if they seem interesting to you, please check them out.


out of sortsI picked this book up at my new favourite store.  (Its called Wendel’s in Fort Langley.)  Its a book store where you can tell each book has been chosen by someone who loves books.  The story is about her faith journey – in church, away from church, and back again.  Woven throughout her theological and relational wrestles is her story of loss, of babies that she didn’t get to hold in her arms.  This book is funny and heartbreaking in turns.  She lives in Abbotsford, BC.  The way she describes her thoughts about living there put words to much of what I have been feeling as we have been in Chilliwack.


daring greatlyAgain, Wendel’s.  I’ll confess it caught my eye because it’s pretty.  But I picked it up because the title comes from one of my favourite quotes.  This book is about vulnerability and shame.  It is well-written and research based.  Go read it.



Side note: There is a section where she speaks about gratitude, that expresses something I have wanted to say, so I am just going to post a picture of it here:



god at war


I’m not actually reading this one right now.  But I re-read it last year when baby Jonathan died and I was heartbroken.  Gregory Boyd’s theological teaching, particularly from this book, is one of the things that has helped me to face Beatrix’s death with honest grief, acceptance, and hope.



It’s not all books!  The next one comes with a disclaimer: these comics are crass, and are full of foul language.  (If this offends you, please skip to the next section.)  I read The Oatmeal’s comics long ago: He shows us how to use proper English grammar, he makes fun of his own laziness and things that frustrate him.  He is a keen observer of human nature, and able to make fun of both himself and our culture in ways that make me both laugh and consider.   I was not, however, expecting it to be a source of inspiration.  But in the years I haven’t been reading, he has made some life-changes, and so you can find my new favourite series here.


I you haven’t seen the video of 5 people playing a song on one guitar, please go watch this.  I don’t usually enjoy watching videos on the internet, but I watched this video over and over after I first saw it a few years ago.  I have found out – they have other songs!  And their videos are all amazing to watch.  (This can be a rabbithole, sorry.)  They creatively cover popular songs as well as making videos for their own music.  If you have lots of time, just go watch all their videos, but if not, this is one of my other favourite covers,   and I’ll recommend the videos for their original songs “Rule the World” and “Red Hands.”  Their music, videos and interviews leave me laughing and feeling inspired.


One more book.  In the midst of many important issues that no is not enoughseem to compete for attention, and so many loud voices full of prejudice and hate, reading this book felt like I could breathe again.  She is full of scathing criticism and relentless hope.  She explores the ways the important issues of our time are intertwined, the ways our culture has accepted ways of living that are good for no one, and looks at creative solutions for “winning the world we need.”


11 thoughts on “Beautiful, True, & Funny

  1. Walk off the earth is one of my absolute favorite bands and i got to see them Live a few months ago. My kids love them too and we often stream their music videos. The Song i can’t get enough of is Home We’ll Go.” Let your heart beat child, like horses in the wild”.

    • I was watching that video yesterday! I love it. I love them all – I also just watched the How we made it video for Red Hands, and am just in awe. And so very jealous! Its been on my wishlist for a few years to see them live – maybe next summer! (I also love the stuff with their kids in it, and that they are really just doing what they love!)

  2. Amahoro Tallon tribe,

    It`s Madie.. I`m not sure if you guys remember me; we briefly met in 2012 in Kigali when I lived at the base for three months as a volunteer. I still carry Rwanda in my heart and enjoyed being surrounded by an unexpected, encouraging ‘Canadian contingent’ – you, the Salmonds and those lovely ladies from Ang Tulay. 🙂

    I recall thinking; ‘Mike and Amanda are like my kindred spirits!’ ( it was a year after my North American friends introduced me to the wonder and fun that is Anne of Green go figure, haha). We had some good conversations on cross-cultural communication, organic farming and laid-back weddings. ( I have since ‘threatened’ my mother with having a camping-potluck wedding…one day! 🙂 )

    I have just finished ‘Out of Sorts’ ( I`ve been reading her blogs over the years and saved up so I could buy this gem on Amazon – absolutely worth it!) and especially re-read her reflections on ‘obeying the sadness’ and being a safe, sturdy Somewhere.

    Thank you for writing. Thank you for letting readers in, even if the door is *just *ajar ( and that`s okay!) and thank you for sharing your wisdom. I`m learning so much and gathering these thoughts closely.

    Sending love and hope from a faraway Namibia! Madie

    On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 2:26 AM, Tallons’ Tales Online wrote:

    > tallonstales posted: “There have been so many things over the last few > weeks that I have wanted to share with one or another of my friends. > Things that are profound, things that have made me laugh; things that have > inspired me. So I thought I would use this venue to share so” >

    • HELLO! I think of you often, and definitely felt that connection. We get to see on a map of the world who is looking at the blog – and when Namibia pops up, I know it’s you (and I smile). Also ha – about the wedding, I love it. We had so much fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing, not just great reads and videos but sharing truth, so much love and grief. I look forward to sharing soup and tea and stories in the future❤️

  4. I love Walk Off the Earth! They really do inspire and their talent is out of this world. The quote you shared….powerful! Absolutely powerful

  5. Loving your honest and vulnerable posts…such insight and truth you stir in me! You are truly a wordsmith!! Glad to see that you have discovered Greg Boyd….we listen to his podcasts regularly and we too have been encouraged by his insights! I highly recommend a book he has endorsed called. “Lord Willing??” by Jessica Kelley…have you read it already? Thanks again for sharing your journey so graciously!

    • Hi Doreen! Yes, I read that one last year as I processed. It was good to have another angle to think about the same material, and I am so glad I have thought through some of this material already
      Thanks for the encouragement.

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