A Reminder, a Mystery Solved, and a Gift

First – if you wanted to email something for our advent calendar but forgot (or wanted to do it later after you thought about it), our friend is going to try to put it together over the weekend, so please send the email soon.  (The address again is tallonadvent@gmail.com.)

Second: There is a trail here on the island that I’ve been walking a lot.  There are some benches at the top where I have been sitting and reading.  Here is one reason why I like it:


Here is another:


(You might not be able to tell, but that dark spot is a humpback whale)

Another reason is the walk through the trees.  There are a lot of a certain kind of tree along the trail.  I’ve been trying to figure out what they are – since the trail is called “Oak Bluffs,” I thought they might be oaks, but as far as I could tell, there were no acorns, so that’s out.  Many of them look really strange – the bark has mostly peeled off, and they look half-dead.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last weekend Mike and I went to the Pender Island Yule Faire – it was a really fun market with some really amazing stuff, most of it produced by artists on the island.

Before we went, I was looking at some of the things that were going to be for sale, and I particularly loved these necklaces:


They are made with turquoise and wood from Arbutus trees.  I had never heard of these trees before, but we spoke with the creator and found out that they only grow within a few kilometers of the coast, and that they experienced a blight here on the island a few years ago, but are coming back.  These are the trees I’ve been looking at and wondering about!

Which leads me to the third thing: I wanted one of these for myself, and there was a really good deal for two – my bargain-loving heart couldn’t resist.  The second one is for one of you.

If you like it, or know someone who might (Christmas is coming!), enter by following the Rafflecopter link below and entering your email or signing in with Facebook.  The contest is closed Tuesday, Nov. 28 at midnight (Pacific Time).  I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday morning, and will mail or deliver the pendant to the winner.

The winner is: Karen T.  Thanks for playing, everyone.

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6 thoughts on “A Reminder, a Mystery Solved, and a Gift

  1. The arbutus tree is my favorite tree. I grew up on the island and I was always amazed I could not find it in other places. I had various things made from the arbutus tree….including a pipe…..hahaha…..welcome to Lotus land.

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