Music for the soul

I made you a playlist.

I’ve spent so much time just sitting playing a silly game (yes, it’s Candy Crush), and listening to music.  The music has been working its way around my soul.  It has helped me to grieve and has encouraged me – there are many mornings where I can be found with the phone in my hand and tears in my eyes.  (But not always sadness, often that some lyric has spoken right to the place in my heart that needed encouragement that day.)

Some of the songs I’ve talked about on here before.  Some of them are songs that speak about faith, some are not.  I tried to pick lyric videos where possible – but I’ve just been listening to the songs.  (Youtube just seemed like the best way to share this with you, the videos aren’t necessarily relevant.)  I think some of the songs are fairly obvious (like, say “Hope is the Anthem of my Soul”), but I wanted to make a few notes…

  • I’m listening again to much of the same music I was listening to shortly after Beatrix’s death… I think it is the renewal of grief as we return to our home – thus the songs by Jars of Clay and Jon Foreman/Switchfoot.
  • The song, “So Will I,” has been an anthem for me for the last few months.  It has been a reminder, an encouragement, and a declaration.
  • “All Time Low” makes me laugh – it is a little bit crass and has some language in it – but I identify so much with the line, “I’ve been trying to fix my pride but that sh*t’s broken.”  Its a funny way of putting it, but it is very true.
  • And, “The House of God, Forever.”  I’m sure most of you will recognize some of the lyrics. The line, “even though I walk through the valley of death and dying… you are with me, you’re always with me,” makes me tear up every time, because it has been my road the last few months.

So have a listen.  For those of you wondering how we are – this is a good representation.  I also know some of you are going through your own heartsickness and griefs – I hope this can speak to you as it has spoken to me.

6 thoughts on “Music for the soul

  1. We are standing with you. The closer you draw to the “light” Jesus to stronger you’ll become.
    Isaiah 53:4,5. Jesus has already gone through all our sorrow and pain and paid the price for our freedom. He is familiar with our sufferings. Love you guys we know that the Word in you will get you to the other side. 😘

  2. Thank you for the look inside your heart Amanda. I thank God too for music and the many ways He touches our hearts and souls and spirits! Those were awesome songs and I did think that “all time low”song was hilarious even though it’s sad and serious too! I guess that is the point! May God continue to carry you and Mike and families through this valley of the shadow of death! Much love and continued prayers! ❤️

  3. Amanda,

    Thanks for this glimpse of where you guys are at. I have been finding myself coming back to this playlist over and over again over the past month when I have internet access and desire music. Partly to remind me to be praying for you guys and partly because I think it really does encapsulate so well the “now but not yet”ness of this life. Don’t know if that makes any sense but hope you understand that I appreciate you sharing it with us and that it touched me.

    God bless,


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