Travels Alone

We have floundered a bit as we thought about what to do about our situation in Rwanda.  We have had things in a holding pattern, but none of that is ideal long-term.  It has been difficult to decide to move on, but now that we have made the decision, we really want to close out our time there well.

The good news is that my vision is getting better.  The needles in my eye seem to be doing their job, and the doctor is still optimistic that we can recover full vision.  We don’t know how much longer that might take, but he has accelerated my treatment to try to get it dealt with quickly (because I’m so young, as they keep saying).  But I still can’t plan to leave the country anytime soon.

Mike suggested that he could go without me and start to deal with things.  My immediate response was, “No way!  It is too difficult, and no one should have to do that work alone.”  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I would appreciate it if some stuff was taken care of.  Then I remembered what a fantastic group of friends and colleagues we have there – he wouldn’t be alone, and would have the benefit of their companionship and wisdom as he tries to navigate the difficult and potentially frustrating issues awaiting him.

So we booked the ticket, and he is on his way soon (before his visa expires).  I’ll keep on with treatments, and hopefully in a couple months when he returns, we’ll be able to head on to our next adventure.

3 thoughts on “Travels Alone

  1. Many blessings on Mike as he goes in Rwanda! May God put His hand on all the stuff that needs to be taken care of while there. And may His healing hand be on your eyes, Amanda!

  2. Wow, tough decision but I am glad your staying back & taking care of your health. Although I have never met your lovely Mike I am forever grateful you have such a caring, giving, take charge man in your life. Sad that you have had some many challenges in both of your young lives. Happy that you have each other’s support. I have no doubt you both will take on all your future challenges together even when you are apart. Love & hugs always. Take care.

  3. I applaud your steps of faith as St. Patrick says, “Anear and afar”. I am assuring you that your Dr. is giving good advice. I am glad they caught this now. May both our you have eyes open to see and ears open to hear. Paul

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