Why Nanaimo?

That’s a great question, and one I’m not entirely sure I have a clear answer for.

When Bea died, we didn’t think we would go back to Rwanda long term, but wanted to be wise and wait a while before we made any permanent decisions.

We knew we wanted to continue in ministry in line with our overall vision.  Given all that we have experienced within YWAM, we also thought that we wanted to continue with this organization.  As I processed our re-entry to Canada, I have felt inspired that I want to be involved in areas of discipleship, justice, and care for the earth – and have felt drawn specifically to do this work in the West Coast of Canada.

We wanted to take the next couple of years to serve.  We wanted to be part of a community that we could genuinely help without having to take responsibility for vision or direction, and somewhere we could learn about the culture and workings of the West Coast.

The obvious choice, which we considered, would have been joining YWAM Vancouver – we love people there, and are sure we could find a place within that structure.  Neither of us was excited about the prospect of living within a large city, though.

Last June we attended the YWAM Canada leaders gathering in Calgary.  We met a few new people from different ministries.  There was someone there about to start YWAM in Nanaimo, and this really stuck out in my mind.

Let’s be honest: if we made out life choices according only to logic, we would be living entirely different lives.  There usually is some logic, and reasons that I can explain, but the truth of it is that we have committed our lives to serve God, and committed to following what we sense as His leading and guiding: Nanaimo felt like it might be it.

So, I followed it up: I sent them an email at the end of last year, and I did not fill it out in the same way I filled out our rental applications.  I did my best to clearly emphasize our limitations and weaknesses.  They took our emails and applications, and pondered and prayed.  When they got back to us quickly with an enthusiastic welcome.  That was enough confirmation to me to give it a try.

Despite setbacks, we finally got here in May.  Within a couple weeks, I think we were ready to say that this seems like a really good fit for us.

We genuinely like and respect the leadership here.  In a short time, we have seen them display wisdom, follow-through, and genuine space and care for the people around them (including us).  We also like the group of staff (despite the fact that they really make us feel old)!  They are passionate, capable, hard-working, skilled, and funny people.

Practically, it is logical for us to jump in and serve in the area of food, but more than that, it feels like there is a real place for us to mentor and encourage.

We’re still working on finding our groove, but thankful that we seemed to have followed that sense of leading and call to a good place.

map nanaimo

12 thoughts on “Why Nanaimo?

  1. Wonderful to hear you settling into a new location. Praying you will bless and be blessed and continue to heal as you worship and serve Him.


    In Christ, Shannon

    Phil 3:8 Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ

    On Mon, 29 Jul 2019 15:07 Tallons’ Tales Online, wrote:

    > tallonstales posted: “That’s a great question, and one I’m not entirely > sure I have a clear answer for. When Bea died, we didn’t think we would go > back to Rwanda long term, but wanted to be wise and wait a while before we > made any permanent decisions. We knew we wanted to co” >

  2. Why not Nanaimo (which means big strong tribe), it think it really fits. What a amazing place to call home. Good luck with you endeavours with YWAM, I know experience & age ( you are still babies) will be a great asset! Enjoy your new home! Love & hugs!

    • Ooh. I hadn’t heard that yet about the meaning. I love it, thanks for that.
      I’m also laughing, because the feeling of age is often perspective: I am SO young at the ophthalmologist.
      Sending love your way this morning.

  3. Hi Mike, we are really glad God has brought you to Nanaimo. You are part of the family and we are so blessed to have you here. You are who God has made you to be, and that is all you need to be. PS: you are not old. 🙂

  4. Hi there! I’m so happy to hear that you have settled in a new location and have a plan for the future. I hear progression in a healthy way! So happy for you!

    I’m very interested to find out more about this new work in Nanaimo. Would you please forward my email to the leaders? I would love to hear their hearts and what vision they carry for the new area they are focusing on.

    Thank you so much! I’m on my way back to Canada right now. Be arriving to Winnipeg tonight if all goes well😄blessings!! Carolyn

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