Email Update

Hello! I know some of you are here that aren’t on Facebook, so I thought this might be a better way to reach you.

I’ve been working since September to put together a paper newsletter to send out.  About a week ago we wrapped up a really busy season, and my goal for this week was to finish the newsletter, get it printed and mailed by next week.

Given current circumstances, a paper newsletter no longer seems like a great idea.  I have some time on my hands this week to finish writing & editing, and I’m guessing at least some of you have some extra time to read. (Although some of you might be busier than ever. Thank you.)  So I am going to do a series of email newsletters.

These will be different than what I usually do here on the blog, less of my thoughts & reflections and more of a report on the what/why/how of our work. I’m going to try to give some background of how we got to where we are now & what we have been working on in the last year.

If you want to receive these emails over the next little while (and future email updates), please send me your email address.

(Or, if the technology works, a request for it will pop up if you scroll to the bottom of the page)

(Edit… it seems to work, but sorry about all the ads. I’ll think about upgrading what I pay to get rid of those for you guys.)

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