Hope for the next Generation

Many of you who heard us speak about our time in Rwanda 2 years ago will remember these ladies:Mike with Gahanga ladies - Copy

The lady on the left is Jane.  We met Jane and heard some of her story, and were inspired by her courage.  She has been meeting with traumatized ladies in her village to encourage them and strengthen them for many years, and she has been a real asset to Odeth/APRECOM as they have ministered to and with her.

Jane’s daughter, Solange, is planning to be a part of the next Discipleship Training School.

Solange was 3 years old at the time of the genocide.  When they came to attack her family, she was watching them kill her father with a machete, so her mother hid her in a cupboard and told her “don’t die.”

Hidden in the cupboard, she couldn’t breathe very well, but she finally came out when they moved on to another house.  She was almost dead when she came out, but she was thankful to be alive.
After this, her mother was traumatized and couldn’t speak for quite some time.

Growing up, Solange felt like no one cares for her, no one loves her; she has no one to trust.  She couldn’t believe that God exists.  APRECOM has helped her to attend school, and she has seen her mother healed.  Over the years, as she has seen her mother be healed and be active in serving God, her faith in God has grown.  Solange has also served in her church.  She wants to do DTS to know more about God, about God’s plans for her life, and to find her own relationship with God beyond her mother’s faith.

Many Rwandans have experienced a lot of inner healing from the trauma of the genocide as they have done a DTS.  It is also an opportunity for her to experience the world beyond her small village, and to understand her value and purpose.

For the 6 month training program, including travel, food (she will probably eat better than she has in her entire life), housing, supplies, etc, it will cost approximately $1200.  (So even a small donation can make a BIG difference.)  We would very much like to contribute to Solange’s healing and growth.  If you would like to help us do this, you can leave a comment on this page, contact us at michael__tallon@hotmail.com, or check out our how to donate page.  You can indicate with any donation (in addition to our names), that you want to designate the money to Solange.

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