Fruit that lasts

One of the things that has been difficult for me as I have taken people on short term missions is the lack of long term engagement.  If people haven’t been inspired into long-term missions and/or serving purposefully in their own culture, that feels like a failure on my part.  (Although I do recognize that there is only so much I can do to inspire, encourage, and motivate.)  But I have been praying to be able to work with people who are at least willing to have their lives changed by God as they learn and serve in another culture.

In January, a group of serious and passionate students arrived.  Many of them arrived with some prior missions experience.  It is encouraging and inspiring that half of them are going to continue serving in YWAM Rwanda.  It is also incredible to see that those who aren’t, are planning to make an impact in various areas of society: medicine, education, and church.  Several are beginning or continuing post-secondary education in these areas.  (YAY!) There are three former students that I will be working directly with for the next few months.  I won’t be staffing the Discipleship Training School directly, but I will be working to train, mentor, and encourage 3 wonderful ladies who are launching into longterm missions.  It is a treat to be able to continue the relationship with them after they have finished their DTS.  I have had so much training and (some) experience myself, so it is satisfying and exciting to be able to directly teach people who will be applying it directly.

2 thoughts on “Fruit that lasts

  1. Hey! Remember, we are just to plant and water… the Lord makes the ‘seed’ grow!!
    You two are amazing workers and you will see more and more fruit of your ministry with
    our awesome Lord and Savior, patience right?! In His time. Be blessed, I know Rwanda is!!
    Love and prayers… Dave and Joan

  2. Hi guys you all are doing an amazing job there, however there is a mission to Kenya next April and a few of us are planning on going there Im looking forward to going.

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