A little bit burnt (an explanation)

I (Amanda) realized a few weeks ago that I am experiencing most of the signs of burnout.

It is not a fun place to be.

out of order3

There are a few bits of good news:

  1. Being able to name what is wrong has given me the ability to actually do something about it.
  2. I am in a situation now where my responsibilities don’t run me into the ground on a daily basis.
  3. The work I was doing was really worth it.

However, there are a couple side effects of burnout I am experiencing that I want to mention on the blog:

  • pessimism, and the feeling like nothing we are doing has any effect
  • not wanting to be with people or communicate with them

I think that that probably explains why I have struggled to post every week?  I have tried a few times, but even when I have managed to start writing, none of it seems like it is worth reading.

It is getting better, in general: it is just going to take some time.  I wanted to let you know that we haven’t abandoned the blog, and will try to post when we have news!

9 thoughts on “A little bit burnt (an explanation)

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that Amanda! I hope you can get some rest, physically and mentally, and hang in there. We’ll be praying for you guys! Hugs, Fiona and Christian xoxo

  2. Sometimes the things we do seem like your not making a difference but I know it is the small things that leave the most impact. I recently spoke to a friend who was going to start radiation the next day. I spoke from my experience & told her it was alright to be scared. We ran into each other about a week after & she let me know how much it meant to her,my words of encouragement. She said, ” you will never know how much that helped me”. It seemed to be a small thing to me but the impact for her was huge! Just saying! Take care,& hang in there, as little as it seems, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

  3. Burn out is such an elusive thing and can be so devastating. It can render us ineffective in all we do. It’s hard to do God’s will in those situations. We will pray for strength, endurance, perseverance in what you have been called to do.

  4. You have made and will continue to make a difference; this too, shall pass. Take time to replenish and restore your body and soul… just be still and know that you are in your right place.

  5. I totally understand….I went through this a few years back. You are doing amazing things and out there on the front lines. ” the God of all grace, who has called you into his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. ” IPETER 5:10

  6. Hey!! We completely agree with all the comments above. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
    Amanda, you and Mike agreed to go for God, let Him be the judge of what is making the difference, all He asked was you go and you have been obedient.
    You two have shown the love of Jesus in everything that you have done so far, THAT is the greatest gift you can give!!!

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