Something from nothing

(Slow internet and frustrated key-mashing made me post accidentally before I had added the pictures. But here it is again, with pictures.)

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For most of our time here, it has seemed like our progress has been so slow, or nonexistent, and we are tied up in beauracracy.  When friends or staff from the Kigali base would come to visit, we would take them to see the land.  It felt a little silly: here’s some land, here are the water tanks, and here are a few garden beds.  (Of course, we were excited about these things, but it seemed a bit much to expect someone else to be excited about these things.)

But this week, two people who have been on staff in Kigali came to visit, and it was very different.

The first thing that was different, is that WE FINALLY GOT PERMISSION TO BUILD!  Wednesday was the first day we started working on levelling the ground for the clinic’s foundation.


The gardens were planted about a month ago, so things are…

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1 thought on “Something from nothing

  1. That is exciting that you got the go ahead on building! Maybe being an Albertan girl, I like to go out and look at the garden (or dirt with seeds hiding in it) and I like looking at the pigs and cows and talking farmer talk! I guess not all people like to do that!! God bless you in the ‘slowness’ of Kigali’s new beginnings! Take Care! Tammy Bushman

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