Something from nothing

For most of our time here, it has seemed like our progress has been so slow, or nonexistent, and we are tied up in beauracracy.  When friends or staff from the Kigali base would come to visit, we would take them to see the land.  It felt a little silly: here’s some land, here are the water tanks, and here are a few garden beds.  (Of course, we were excited about these things, but it seemed a bit much to expect someone else to be excited about these things.)

But this week, two people who have been on staff in Kigali came to visit, and it was very different.

The first thing that was different, is that WE FINALLY GOT PERMISSION TO BUILD!  Wednesday was the first day we started working on levelling the ground for the clinic’s foundation.


The gardens were planted about a month ago, so things are starting to come up, and the banana circles are growing swiftly.

banana circle

Last but not least, the animals.  I’m sure you remember the pigs?

pregnant pigs?

I think they are pregnant. (What do you think?) We’ll see.


A donation was made to purchase some cows.  The cows will also help to support some of the regular costs (diesel for the water pump, pay for the guards, etc.).  We have already been selling the milk.  (And have been buying some personally: its delicious.)

I  couldn’t believe how long it took to show our guests everything that is happening.  I still think its not totally reasonable to expect everyone to be excited about these small things.  (Here’s some dirt.  Here’s some people digging dirt.  And over here, are some animals wallowing in dirt.)  BUT, the understanding of what these things represent, and the recognition that the project is actually moving forward made this a really exciting day.

putting up sign

putting up sign



3 thoughts on “Something from nothing

    • Hey Kim! It is supposed to make them grow better. Something to do with root structure, I think, and you put compost in the middle. (Mike knows more, I’ll get him to send you some info). But from the looks of it, your bananas don’t need any help!

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