Spoiler alert: Its NOT that we are pregnant.

Getting groups of people to stop talking and listen, when you are at a meal or out somewhere is often a challenge.  My favourite way is the announcement song: its is funny, and if a part of your group is familiar with it, everyone is singing or listening by the end, and ready to listen.  Here it is:

What a terrible way to die

A terrible way to die

A terrible way, to be bored to death,

A terrible way to die:

Announcements, Announcements,



Did it work?  OK, here goes:

We bought land!




Surveying the land.


Marking the boundaries

We have been very nomadic both before and after our marriage.  You may not believe it, but this is not either of our natural preference.  I’m sure you won’t believe me, but we are actually homebodies.  Our nomadic journey has been partly due to budget constraints and partly due to ideals, but after a year of considering, gathering advice, and researching, we are moving forward with building our own house.

Right now, we think it will cost us $20,000.  We have the ability to borrow some, but we would like to be able to raise more than half by the end of this year.

We will be using the platform GoFundMe to facilitate this.  At the same time, we will be launching a campaign to fundraise for the clinic we are building.  With our slow internet, it is taking me some time to properly launch these.  But in advance, please consider giving to one of these projects.


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