Foundation Celebration

After months and months of nothing seeming to happen, suddenly everything seems to be happening very quickly.

At the end of October, the foundation for the health centre was completed.  We wanted to invite others to pray and celebrate the building beginnings with us.

We set a day, and invited the YWAM team from Kigali and some local officials to join us for a meal and a time of prayer.

I don’t have much for pictures – I was attempting to cook the meal, and when I got there it was starting to rain.  But we had about 60 people (including 20 who are currently working to build the health centre) join us for the time.

By the end of the month we are expecting to have the walls and roof finished; after that we will proceed as we have funds.

Our team members Christian and Fiona Merrild created a video of the building process so far: you can view it here.

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