Sneak Peek (With bonus Beatrix pictures)

I know people have wanted to see house pictures, and believe me, I’ve wanted to be able to show them!  But until now, it has pretty much been the same as it was when we left for Canada (ie, empty).  We ordered a bunch of shelving, tables, a couch, a bed, etc, and it was finally all ready this week.  Mike went to pick it up, and now we are working at organizing the inside.  Its really exciting!

So, there are more pictures to come, but for now:


OUR BED!!!  It was wonderful to not be sardines last night.

We are also working on the outside: doing some beginning landscaping so that the next rainy season we can start our own gardens, and getting a fence done.  The fence will help our house be a little more secure (a little harder for thieves), help keep our dog in (we don’t have one yet, but soon), provide a base for a hedge of flowers and fruit, and help diminish the number of people who just stare into our house when they go past (considered very rude in this culture, but somehow its OK if you are looking into a mzungu’s house).


It also appears that in my attempts to not inundate people with pictures of Beatrix, I have posted too few.  I’ll try to do better at that, starting right now:P1020137


She does this a lot, especially when she wakes up in the morning.  She’s strong = try doing it yourself!



4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek (With bonus Beatrix pictures)

  1. Beatrix is a very happy & healthy baby girl. We are so delighted to see pics!! Your house & yard is coming along quite nicely. Stay healthy & safe!! We think of you so often & have you in our prayers……. Aubrey& Marg

  2. wow pictures are awesome and im glad to see things are coming around nicely and you have a very beautiful baby. God Bless you guys take care

  3. Your pictures do make me smile!! It is hard to believe at times just how far you are from here, but I see the Lord providing. |I think of the three of you many times, always sending prayers as He leads, and please know you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers always.
    How precious is Beatrix, in every way!
    Love, hugs and blessings to you ….

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