Pictures of Home (at last)!

Well, I wanted to wait until we had our furniture, so that the pictures of our house aren’t just empty rooms.  Then I wanted to get a little more organized, so that we weren’t just posting pictures of chaos.  Now, I’ve been trying to get pictures when the house is all clean & tidy, and I have realized… that time may never come ;).    Its still a little disorganized, and we are still figuring some things out, but it is starting to feel comfortable.

The main part of the house is a large room, combining a kitchen and living room.  Here is our living room as seen from the kitchen (complete with Christmas tree).


And here is the kitchen as seen from the living room:P1020613

We both love to cook, and have been managing in very cramped and/or shared kitchens.  This is a great luxury.


Off the living room, we have a small room for use as an office, or potentially another bedroom.  (We are planning to hang up a curtain, and maybe eventually put some glass doors in.)  You can see through the living room, to the door to our bedroom.


Off of our bedroom, we have a small storage area and a large bathroom.  Its difficult to get pictures of those areas, so I’ll just let you use your imagination.

This is our guest room!  As you can see, the bed is put together.  Our future guests will be more fortunate that our first guest, in that they won’t have to put the bed together before they can sleep in it.  (And trust me, this was nothing like assembling IKEA furniture.)


Another luxury we decided on was two (!!) bathrooms.  So, for those of you considering coming to visit, you can see the bathroom you would use:


That’s a toilet that really flushes, and a shower (cold water only, but often that’s all one would want)!  The sink is just out of view on the left.

We really wanted to do more fermenting (sauerkraut & other veggies, kombucha, yogurt, sourdough, etc), as well as sprouting, so we incorporated a space for that just off the kitchen).


And that’s the virtual tour of our house!  We have a fence up now, and a gate, which gives us some privacy and more security. (And we are planning to get a dog.)  Another day, I’ll post some pictures of our yard.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged us and contributed towards our house!   We are really enjoying it so far!


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