The haze of our lives

Sorry for my absence.  The last few months have gone by in a haze.

I tell people Beatrix isn’t sleeping well, and they nod, and say, “Yes, babies don’t sleep well,” as if I should have expected that.  But really, she’s been waking up every hour, every night, all night, since sometime in December.  (Sometimes she only makes it 15 minutes before the next wakeup.)  There have been a few nights where she only woke up 4-5 times, and those were Really Good Nights.

At first I thought it was just a developmental leap, and it would pass, but as the weeks turned into a month and more, I realized I was going to have to do something about it.

People, I have tried everything.  I have talked to people looking for tips & tricks, I have scoured the internet, I have bought books, and I have implemented Plans,… But every time we started to get somewhere, something happened to set us back.  Like, the exercise ball I was using to resettle her, to convince her that Mom is not an all-night diner, popped while I was bouncing on it.  (I can’t just run out and get another one.)  Or, she got a bad case of parasites (more on that at a later date).

I was reading a novel sometime in February, in which being woken up every hour was being used as a form of torture.  I think it would be effective.

So, most of my energy and the small amount of thought I have been capable of in the last few months has gone into just getting through each day.  But, I have a few more blog posts that should be coming soon (I’ve thought them through, and really, the brain power is the hardest part these days).  The good news is that she is finally napping better, that helps!  She is generally happy, easy, and cute, so that also helps during the daytime.  To make up for this lame post, here are some pictures 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The haze of our lives

  1. My daughter had the same issue; I could never get her to sleep for more than 20 minutes and it seriously affected me and my relationship with my son who was 2 At that time. Hang it there(that’s normally the last thing you want to hear) but with time, that will end. Now she sleeps well although she sometimes Wakes up cranky. I would keep quest and pray the whole time she was awake especially at night. It was the only way that kept me sane.

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