I feel a certain amount of pressure to follow up our last post with something equally as awesome, but realistically, that’s just not going to happen.  But without that specific comparison, I do think that this is exciting:

We are hosting our very first outreach team at Mutara Development Centre!  A DTS outreach from the YWAM base in Dunham, Quebec, arrived in Rwanda on December 30th.

When we were first contacted about hosting a team, my first response was not enthusiasm – after all, hosting a team can be a LOT of work, and I wasn’t sure we had enough ministry opportunities to be fair to the team.  (Being bored on an outreach is not a good thing.)   But Mike, Amiss, & I started talking, and thought we could do it, and got really excited.  So we said, “Sure, come, that would be great!”

Granted, I wasn’t pregnant at the time, and volunteered to oversee the cooking.  :p I haven’t been up to as much as I normally would be, especially to do with food, but thankfully (as with many things recently), Mike has kicked in and done his usual work plus half of mine.

Anyway, they arrived a week ago, and after a night in Kigali and a visit to the Genocide Memorial, we piled on a bus and came up here.  So far, it has been great to have them here!  Every church wants them to visit.  They have started going to the support groups (for widows/people in extreme poverty/people with HIV/AIDS), and visiting people in their homes.  They are eager workers, and starting every morning at 6 am, are working with Mike in the gardens or a couple hours before it gets too hot to work very hard.

Dunham garden

harvesting seeds

dunham garden2

We are very glad to have them here, and looking forward to the next few weeks together.