Our First Day Out

Ok, its not really our first outing, but last Tuesday was the first day Beatrix and I packed up and left together, with the house empty.  We did more or less what I have done on many other days, but now we left our own house empty, and the baby went with me.


I’m not very good at selfies; I haven’t practiced much. Oh well, if I stand until I get a good picture, she’ll wake up and need to eat again before we go.

“Will the clothes I left on the line still be there when we get back?”

“Is one diaper enough?”

“Its pretty hot.  Will she overheat?  Her head is covered, but will the sun shine through it and burn her skin?”

Well, we went anyway, and took some smoothie to Mike, who was beginning this season’s work in the garden.  I also wanted to see everything that was new/changed since the end of April.

The playground has begun:P1010719

We are planning to build different structures to create a playground: for kids to play and for families to congregate.  The materials need to be accessible locally, reasonably priced, and safe.  This is the first structure.  A children’s church in Denmark fundraised to help build the structure.

A section of the healthcare centre has been completed:P1010721

WIndows, doors, and some electrical/water has been added.  The office is furnished and ready for use.  Part of our team has begun opening 2 days a week for things like basic wound care, pre- and post-natal counselling, and education.   They will also be teaching in the schools over the next few weeks, with topics like personal hygiene, puberty, and sexual education.

The moringa  has been growing!


One of our team members has been harvesting it and giving some to breastfeeding moms. Many mothers don’t produce enough milk for their babies due to dehydration and malnutrition.

The water system has been changed, and we have been able to start selling water again!


(There were more people here the first day, but I didn’t have the camera.)

During the longest, hottest part of the year these last few weeks, the tanks almost ran out of water, but the supply lasted for the garden, animals, and the community until the water came back on.

And, we found Mike, working with others in the garden, so that it is ready to plant when it starts to rain.P1010726P1010727

Farewell Canada (for now)!

I promise, this won’t entirely become a “mom blog.”  But seriously, its hard to resist continually posting pictures like this:


and this:

(That's my brother)

(That’s my brother)

and this:


(my dad has been SO very happy with his first grandchild… my mom has too, but she’s not as photogenic.)

(And wow, is Mike cute with her – but there will be pictures of them later, on this blog that won’t be entirely about baby 😉 )

We are leaving for Rwanda soon: we’ll be moved into our new house and settling in by the end of the week.

I have some mixed feelings about returning:  I am very excited to live in our home, missing our friends and co-workers in Rwanda, and ready to get back to our work.  However, I feel concerned for our little one, and for all of the new “dangers” she will face (besides my nightly concern that she will suddenly stop breathing for no reason).

We have had such an incredible summer in Canada.  People have been so kind and generous to us.  It has been unbelievable how much we have been cared for.  Our family, our friends, and even strangers have done so much to help ease our transition into a family of three.  We have been awed and overwhelmed.

So I wanted to say “thank you” to all of you who have encouraged us, given us gifts, fed us, welcomed us into your homes, provided for our needs, and generally loved on us.

We are returning feeling very blessed and very full.