These last couple of weeks have seen several hopes fulfilled.  I feel as if I am just bursting with good things that have happened.  Some of the hopeful things are just in the beginning stages and don’t make complete stories yet, but there are a couple of things that can make sense contained in a blog post.

First up, my eye.  I have been going regularly to an ophthalmologist in Lethbridge since January.  There was a blood clot obstructing my vision, and I have been receiving needles in my  eye to clear it up.

Here is a photo of the inside of a healthy eye:

healthy eye

Here is a photo of the inside of my eye in January.  You can see the huge clot and all of the leopard spots where my vision was obscured:

Amanda Tallon Left eye January 4 2019

And, a photo of my eye from April:

Amanda Tallon Left eye April 11 2019


The ophthalmologist said that it would be reasonable for us to plan to move to Nanaimo when I assured him that I would come back for another treatment in June.  (“Treatment” is my euphemism for needles in my eye.)

Today when I went in, there was great news, unpleasant news, and good news.

In order:

That giant clot is entirely gone!

The new-forming blood vessels are leaky, so there is some blood in the eye that probably requires one or two more treatments.

He is transferring me to an ophthalmologist in Nanaimo!  I don’t have to plan my life around this any more!

I don’t think I am prepared to call this healed until I am finished with treatments, but it feels great that we don’t have to remain in this limbo any longer.