Stories that help me interpret

Sometimes I feel like Frodo at the end of The Return of the King, before he goes to the Grey Havens.  Do you know this part of the story?  It has always struck me as sad and beautiful, but now it just makes me weep because it is so real.

Most days, I go about as usual, (seeming?) fine.

And there are days when all around me seems dark, and I am acutely aware that some wounds never really heal.


(I’m going to interject at this point, that, unlike Frodo, I’m not attempting to hide it – I’ve been pretty vocal to the people around me that I’m flailing a bit, and they are amazing.)


divergentDivergent is a great story. The first book is really good, but the other two books in the trilogy are… just OK.

They’re worth it, though, for the epilogue.

It’s called, “We Can Be Mended,” and it is beautiful, raw, and true.

I think I’ve talked about this before – but today I’m re-reading this epilogue.


It’s reminding me of deeper truths than irreparable wounding.

And I’m carrying these characters and this story with me as I go through these days.