Gratitude (Part I)

Ok, first – this series is out of order because I’ve been mentally working on it for a while, but have been busy this last month – and Part II was news I wanted to share as soon as I could.

The spring after Beatrix died, we made a long and winding trip. We started in Rwanda, went to Denmark, Scotland, Pennsylvania, and then worked our way from Truro, NS, to Calgary, AB. We mourned Beatrix with those who had known her well, and we visited YWAM bases across Canada on a journey that was healing for us & the people who we visited: many had witnessed &/or been deeply impacted by her death.

At each location I gathered a stone: a beach in Denmark, the Isle of Skye, from rivers I kayaked in Lancaster & Winnipeg, from several treasured family places that were generously shared with us, Lake Superior & Manitoulin Island,… you get the idea.

I had a plan for an altar of sorts, a physical reminder of that journey – that whenever we got to the end of that nomadic season, I would put them in a jar/vase. On top, I would add daily notes with things I am grateful for.


Well, I found a vase right away when we moved in. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it would work. I still needed the right kind of paper… (I really like having good pens and interesting stationery.) I looked a few times, but couldn’t find anything… so it just sat.

But at the beginning of March, I realized I had to just start, even if it’s not perfect. (Thanks, BCC application homework.)

What great timing. I doubt I’ve ever been in a season where I’ve needed  a regular gratitude practice more. It’s helped me so much through being isolated.

Even a quick glance reminds me of things I’ve already forgotten, but more: it’s a visual reminder of a few things that I find hard to put into words. God’s faithfulness. Our wide, deep, & strong community. The healing found in time spent at wild places. And that good things encounter me on a regular basis.


Gratitude (Part II)

As people connected to a number of missions projects, we are constantly aware of many incredible people and projects that have needs. (Beyond our own support raising and projects we are involved in, which we clearly think are the best and most important 😉 )

I don’t want to be that person who is constantly asking and constantly sharing needs.  But every once in a while something comes across our path that makes me think, “This needs to happen and I think some people in our community would like to be involved.”

Our friend and co-worker Uziel has been stuck in Japan since January, unable to get a ticket home.  The flight he had booked earlier in the month had been cancelled (with no refund), and he couldn’t find anything like a flight with a reasonable price or less than half a dozen layovers.  When he told me he had found a much simpler flight with fewer stops but didn’t have all the money – well, we sent some. I couldn’t shake the idea that there was more we could do, that I REALLY wanted to help see this happen, and that other peoples’ hearts might be moved in the same direction.

You guys! What incredible people you are.  I heard multiple versions of, “It’s time, we need to bring him home.”

It was such a privilege for us to be a part of administrating this small miracle.

It is also such a privilege to know you fine people, who hear of the difficulty of a person you’ve never met, and are moved to help.

Today, Uziel made it home.

He is grateful, and we are grateful.


(jet-lag may make our eyes swollen 🙂 )